0004 Lewis No 1 Chess

9 x Lewis No 1 Chess Moulds
0004 Lewis 1
0004 Lewis No 1 Template
0004 Lewis No 1 in Green7
0004 Lewis No 1 in Green a black shoe polish1
0004 Lewis No 1 in Green a black shoe polish full set5
0004 Lewis No 1 in Red 25
0004 Lewis No 1 in Red a black shoe polish5
0004 Lewis No 1 in Red a black shoe polish full set3
0004 Lewis No 1 in Black2
0004 Lewis No 1 in Black a black shoe polish4
0004 Lewis No 1 in Black a black shoe polish 2 full set8
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Ref 0004  9 x Lewis No 1 Reusable Chess set latex moulds molds.

Height of King Approx 9cm

The most interesting and important of all early Chess pieces are those which have come to be known as the Lewis Chessmen. There are 78, of which 67 are in the British Museum and the other eleven in the National Museum in Edinburgh. The pieces were found in 1831 in an underground chamber on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. Their exact origin is unknown . They have been attributed both to Scotland and Scandinavia but are generally accepted as Twelfth Century.

Requires 2Kgs of Stonecast or Polyester Casting Resin (not included but available from the Materials page)  to make a complete 32 piece Chess Set.

It is great to play this Chess set against Ref 0005 Lewis No 2 if you finish off in a different stain or colour.

This set is fairly similar to 0005 Lewis No 2 but the differences are as follows,

Lewis 1 King has a beard and Lewis no2 has no beard and is bulkier.

Lewis 1 Queen is holding a horn and has 4 points on her Crown.  Lewis 2 Queen is holding her other elbow up and has 5 points to her Crown.

Lewis 1 Bishop is holding his right fingers up and has a very ornate back.  Lewis 2 Bishop is holding a book in his left hand and has a plain back.

Lewis 1 Knight has a pointed helmet while Lewis 2 Knight has a rounded helmet.

Lewis 1 Rook has an open bladed sword while Lewis 2 Rook has a closed flat to the chest sword.

Lewis 1 Pawn is like a tombstone while Lewis 2 Pawn is Octaganel.

In the differences images Lewis 1 is on the Left with Lewis 2 on the right.


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